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The conditions most animals endure there are shocking.

They have small, bare enclosures with concrete floors and some didn't even have access to drinking water.

Many of the zoos we visited also had in-house shows in which the animals were forced to perform tricks.

In one – the 'Animal Olympics'– clothed chimpanzees, bears forced to walk on their hind legs, and a goose pulling a cart of tiger cubs, were paraded around a mock race track.

The terrified birds desperately tried to flee as the lions jumped up to snatch them.

A female voice can be heard saying: “The king of all animals wish your life to be lucky, happy and healthy.”Social media users condemned the treatment as “inhumane and heartless”, with the clip being viewed more than 24 million so far.We believe it is wrong to keep wild animals in captivity and that it simply isn't possible to provide adequate enclosures for them.Many zoos try to justify what they do by saying they help conservation and educate the public but the reality is that very few contribute anything to conservation or education.” to summer blockbusters like “Jaws” to uproarious B-movies like “Birdemic: Shock and Terror.” Perhaps the most harrowing (and ridiculous) scene in this crafty little horror comedy features a bunch of youngsters dressed up like pirates for Halloween forcing one of their pals to “walk the plank” of their swimming pool, wherein lurks the giant creature that has since burst forth from the Chicago sewers.The size of the monster constantly changes throughout this amusing creature feature, depending on the needs of the scene at hand; in this case, he’s small enough to not be noticed as he lurks about in the deep end, waiting for a kid-sized snack to drop in.

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So far, the programme has reached almost 14,000 children.

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