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So the whole stylus gimmick comes off as unnecessary and tacked-on. You can also adjust the aim of the bow - which is only useful for boss fights - by pressing the R button and the direction pad.

Luckily not all the minigames are actually needed to progress in the game, some are just for getting bonuses and finding secret areas. You can double jump, dash, and given limited flying abilities.

For starters, the second screen is usually reserved for the map, but it remains barebones like in the original arcade, being a blank screen with dots for Tiki, the exit and the key. The developers decided that this time reaching the cage wasn't enough so you have first to look for the key to open it, leading to much annoying backtracking.

They tossed in many things without thinking if they gel with the general tone and structure of the game, and we have a "remake/sequel" that has many problems but still does not fix the ones that the original title had.The problem is, they not only appear abruptly, but in some cases the action on the upper screen is not stopped, meaning that you have to pay attention to the minigame but also to the platforming section.This is already difficult on its own because, like in the arcade original, enemies come in swarms and rapidly home on Tiki.New Zealand Story Revolution (NDS) Plus, there are infinite continues and the opportunity to continue from the last stage you reached:.The Heaven rounds are still there, but even if you fail them, you have the possibility to continue right where you died, so what's the point?

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Still, it's better than other abysmal NDS remakes of Taito properties like Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands, but that's not saying much.

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