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For example, have you ever been in a relationship with a woman where everything is great, she seems to be really happy, and you’re both totally comfortable with no underlying tension. and in most cases the relationship ends soon after…Then one day, probably after you hadn’t seen her for a little while, you see her again and everything has totally changed. Most guys can relate to the previous situation, and the truth is it’s simple to fix… And be best part is, knowing how to fix this situation before it happens is also the key that unlocks drama-free relationships with women forever.I found the places where I'd been holding myself back and replaced them with a new sense of optimism, whether it was ways of getting more and hotter sex, or ways of keeping a woman happier and more satisfied.Since the workshop, not only have I enjoyed more fulfilling relationships, but the women in my life are happier too.

I hear from men around the world that the information they're getting from other sources is only teaching them “half the puzzle” but leaving them frustrated in creating the relationships they really want.

And, now my relationships are easy and fun, the women never complain and are always eager to please me.

" -Daniel Johnson The information I shared at this event will change your life forever.

What’s more: even if you’re still “sowing wild oats” and you’re not yet ready to settle down with one woman… It goes without saying that keeping them all happy…

and keeping it all drama free is at least as hard as raising children (probably even harder!

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He showed me new ways of having profoundly satisfying relationships.

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