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I waved awkwardly back, the international symbol for “I hope what you said wasn’t an insult but I have no way of knowing for sure.” You’ll figure out pretty quickly that the onsen isn’t really something you can do for hours. Stay more than 30 minutes and you’ll come out looking like a boiled lobster.

When you want to leave, nod politely to the old Japanese guys, hop out and scurry back to the change room.

There are signs posted that if you have tattoos they have the right to not let you in.

Tattoos in Japan are associated with the Yakusa which is their version of the mob.

About one out of five couples who come to HRC Fertility, a network of fertility clinics in Southern California, doesn’t need help getting pregnant.

Instead, they come for what is called family balancing, or nonmedical sex selection.

So to save you the awkwardness and prepare you for what you will find lurking in the steam, I’ve prepared this guide. It may seem self explanatory, but there were a number of people on our trip, myself included to be frank, that expected to be allowed in wearing bathers.

” An onsen, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a traditional Japanese bathhouse where you sit in piping hot water and cleanse from the outside in.

S.] during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined.” The finding, based on a Google-commissioned Nielsen study of 2015 viewing data, is significant as the 18-to-49 age group is the target audience that most advertisers seek to reach through TV.

“They usually have one, two or three children of one gender” and want their next child to be of the other...

You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki kept it simple Thursday in the digital video company’s annual pitch to advertisers.“I’m happy to announce that on mobile alone You Tube now reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any network -- broadcast or cable,” she told a crowd of 2,700 gathered at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

In earlier times, women and men bathed together, but single sex onsens have been the norm since Japan opened its doors (and tubs) to the Western world during the Meiji Restoration. It’s usually at least 40 degrees or hotter, sourced from geothermal springs, and must contain (by law) at least one of 19 designated chemical elements like iron or sulphur.

A few old Japanese guys waved at me, smiled and said something I didn’t understand.

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One thing I wished someone taught me before going to Japan is how to use a traditional squat toilet. And then there are toilets like this with a ton of buttons where I couldn’t even figure out how to flush!

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