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The first documentary evidence (which probably does not mean its first use, see p. The copies of the 1735, 17 Constitutions (issued under various titles) show only the use of the current chronology. I.) or preceded by the expression In the Year of the Discovery. 374, implies that this diploma was issued in 1816 at the earliest. Most of the Minutes are dated in clear as well as with the above-mentioned code.23) was discovered by the present writer to be thirty-five years earlier, namely 1767, when Bro. In its authentic form the Jewish Calendar applies to the day, the month and the year together. For a few years after 1793 another method of expressing a date is found on masonic documents. are meant to be used throughout the 1738 edition, three misprints (of which only one was taken under consideration in the Corrigenda at the end of the volume) tend to disconcert the reader : B. This is true, too, for the Livre de la Loge qui se tient d la mille de tonnerre (the Coustos Lodge Minute Book) and for the copy of the Warrant delivered on 14 February 1737 to the Loge d Aumont quoted in Vers la Lumiere, Juvanon, p. The first use of a masonic dating code in France, actually the 4000 code, was found by the present writer at the end of a Warrant delivered by the Parfait Harmonic Lodge of Bordeaux to the Loge de Bergerac which is dated thus: Donn en Loge, l'an de la Lumiere, 5747 et suivant le calcul ordinaire, le troisieme du mois de juin, mil sept cens (sic! The present writer could not find any documents originating in the 18th or the beginning of the 19th century substantiating this statement with the one exception of A diploma issued by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland... The date of the founding of this masonic body is accepted as 1816, as stated by the same author in his Freemasons Book of the Royal Arch, p. Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Fredericksburg, Virginia, of the year 1753 (year of Masonry 5753)... These dates show unmistakably that the first day of the week was Monday for that code.Throughout this paper the expression masonic dating codes describes the various ways by which freemasons expressed dates on documents drawn up for internal use when these dating methods differ from our present-day chronology.Since ascertaining dates is probably as useful as determining facts in the field of masonic research, a knowledge of such codes can be useful.

On page 41 (seemingly on the authority of The Hebrew CHRONOLOGY before the Christian Era, according to Usher, Spanheim, Prideaux, and other such accurate Chronologers mentioned on page X, at the end of The Author to the Reader) Anderson wrote: Up to A. 4004, all dates are given in both chronological systems at the same time. Mendozas recent Inaugural Address (AQC 94, 1981), which he presumably found in the 1755 Statuts dresses par la Respectable Loge St. But for the exception of the Rite of Misram, this code does not seem to have been used on the Continent. Also in Der Freimaurer-Kalender oder Wie alt isr die Welt? 277: 'The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite under the pretext of dating since the Stuart's restoration, uses the Jewish era and adds 3760 years (annus mundr') to the Christian era. The Grand Lodge of Scotland Year Book 1985 shows, facing p. It appears for the first time an the front-page of Andersons 1723 Constitutions preceded by the expression In the Year of Masonry and was used again (see p. This document emanated from the Perfect Lodge of Scotland situated by 56 North Latitude which might correspond to Edinburgh. after a (faulty) Jewish date (document transcribed in Official Bulletin of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Vol. 172), which constitutes to my knowledge the first appearance of this expression in a document in the French language. This was the first day of the last week in May 1773. The date modification seems to have been made there for the first time. This is a copy of the one republished in London by the Supreme G Council of 33 for England & Wales in 1846. A note at the end of a Grand Orient Circular Letter dated 12th day of the 6th month of the year of the true light 5774 (= 12 August 1774) says: In order to set up uniformity and accuracy with regard to dates, the G. 13) on the front-page of the 1738 Constitutions (but with the addition of the word Vulgar). One year later the expression Year of Light (Lan de Lumire) 5749 is used in a letter written in 1749 by the Perfect Lodge of Scotland of St. 1757 (e Vingt neufvime Avril de lannee mistrieuse Cinq mille sept cent cinquante Sept et de lan de grace Mille sept cent cinquante sept) on a Warrant delivered by the Tres Respectable Loge Ancienne Saint Jean de Toulouse quoted by Groussier in Documents relatifs l Histoire du G ordinary style the 1 August 1758 (stile ordinaire le 1er Aout 1758) in the confirmation by the Grand Lodge of France of a Warrant for the Lodge La Sagesse, also in Toulouse, quoted by Gaston Martin in Manuel d Histoire de la Franc-Maonnerie Franaise, p. The masonic Year 5763, the 9 April 1763 (LAn maonnique 5763, le 9 april 1763) on a document joined to the Minutes of the adoption of the Statuts de l Ordre 1763, also quoted by Groussier, Note 1 of his publication of these Statuts, relating the exclusion of Bro. Writing in 1765 what would seem to be an official letter to the Grand Lodge of France, Etienne Morin dates his letter from the anne M-que 5765 A. le 7 mars 1765 (quoted and transcribed by Choumitzky in St-Claudius No. Later documents will show some more expressions like: A. Mendoza spoke in his Inaugural Address (AQC 94, 1981) together with a 4000 coded year-date; Year of the (our) Lord or Year of our Lord Jesus Christ together with an uncoded year-date. Jones mentions that a lodge constituted in 1742 used to print its summons from an old plate bearing the words constituted A. The third day of that week was June 2, the date indicated in the Minutes quoted above. In 1905, on page 66 of his book The Ancient Accepted Scoaish Rite of Freemasonry, William Homan reproduced in facsimile a printed version of that same document which he describes, p. issued in 1813, by the Supreme Council for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, United States of America. This London reprint has of the Christian Era same as the MCosh booklet. In Scotland January 1 had been in use for New Years Day since 1600. 216: In Ireland, this 11th Day of May 1795 & of Royal Arch Super Ex. Under Calendar we can read in Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (p. The French Minutes preceding these Reglements indicate that they had been drawn up on the model of Rglements handed over by the Most Respectable and Perfect Lodge of Scotland in Bordeaux.A completely different system exists in dating masonic documents with the help of the Jewish Calendar. No latin word begins with these four letters (Coed) and one might assume that the copyist intended to write Cd., meaning Anno Cdis, or year of death, referring to J. The Patent of Constitution granted by Thomas Dunckerley for a Conclave or Chapter of Encampment in Bristol on this 1st Day of January Anno Lucis 5795 quoted by Bro. 173 of the 1956 printing): Thus, the 1st of January, 1872, would be styled, in a French Masonic document, the 1st day of the 11th Masonic month, Anno l.ucis, 5872. Several documents from the Sharp Collection presently in the Library of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (Lexington, Mass.) and of which a microfilm set is deposited at the Bibliothque Nationale, Paris, bear this type of coded month date as well as a clear date.

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