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According to Himka, the OUN sought to demonstrate to the Nazis “that it shared their anti-Jewish perspectives and that it was worthy to be entrusted with the formation of a Ukrainian state.” . Wartime Controversy “The truth is that the official policy of the OUN was openly anti-Semitic, including approval for Nazi-style Jewish extermination,” writes Eduard Dolinksy of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee.

Central to this development is an organization, known as the Interregional Academy of Human Resources, better known by its Ukrainian acronym MAUP.

At issue is Ukraine’s contentious World War II past, some of which isn’t particularly flattering.

With the support of Nazi Germany, militias affiliated with the extremist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) allegedly committed a pogrom in the western city of Lviv.

Until very recently, Ukrainian President Yushchenko and Foreign Minister Tarasiuk served on its board; former President Kravchuk still does. We begin with an article noting that current Ukrainian president Poroshenko and former president Yuschenko visited the site of the Babi Yar massacre and placed wreaths honoring the OUN/B, whose ranks supplied the bulk of the executioners for the massacre.

“Ukraine: World War II Fiasco Leads to Public Relations Disaster and Thorny Relations for Kiev and Foreign Diaspora” by Nicholas Kozloff; The World Post; 6/29/2015.

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