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He wants to fulfil Syed’s fantasy, always at the front of his mind is how Syed is, just wanting him to be enjoying himself, him to experience pleasure. And Christian reaching for his hand and being all tender and careful at first is so lovely and makes the whole vampire kink thing THEM. Love that he almost came from it alone : D Crimson signatures, hell yeah!

Wants to show Syed with his body how much he loves him. I love the idea of Christian turning the heating down just to play out Syed's vampire kink - like, he goes all out for him, which is sweet as well as hot. Yay : D And Syed being only too willing to be backed up against it. I like how much detail you go into explaining where Syed's kink comes from - and bringing in a previous one night stand is very clever, a nod to Syed's past. : P "The man he loved became the creature he'd fantasized about." - Love this, Syed's fantasy becoming even better because of the love and tenderness from Christian that is now intertwined with it.

The price of this DAF FA 1600 is £8,241 and it was produced in 1982.

This machine is located in Winterswijk Netherlands.

This is an actual resume example of a Surgical Scheduler who works in the Medical Records, Billing and Transcription Industry.

Live Career has Medical Records, Billing and Transcription resumes in its database.

He somehow managed to find some energy to inject into his boneless limbs, cupping Christian's cheek with one hand and drawing him in for a kiss.” I love these descriptions.Isshin peered at the eldest twin with the rear view mirror and nodded."In about 20 minutes, my son! He was immediately dragged into another argument with the youngest Kurosaki siblings and Ichigo sighed heavily."Dammit." The albino groaned. " Isshin warned sternly, lifting a hand from the steering wheel to wave it in the general direction of the youngest twin.Outlandish gold eyes cracked open as the truck went over a particularly large bump. " Ichigo's lips curled up into smirk at the whiny tone to the question and tugged a little sharply at spiky white hair."You don't remember, idiot? "I won't have you swearing in front of your younger sisters, Shiro!Sorry if some people are OOC but this is my first time writing a drastic AU. His sisters, Karin and Yuzu, were in the two front seats beside their energetically chattering father; Karin's scathing remarks accompanied by Yuzu's scolding not deflating the immature man's excitement. Shiro didn't do well with travelling, so the albino teen was stretched out along the backseat, his head resting on the redhead's lap with an arm hanging off the edge of the backseat and the other draped over his stomach.Ichigo didn't mind though, he absently ran his fingers through snow white hair – which was more out of habit then anything."Hey, Old Man. " The redhead called over the cacophony of three voices.

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