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Even gone off dabbling in drugs, drink, and all the while thinking this isnt me.

Basically realised now, i've absorbed all their toxic behavior. soon as you cut cords, and cleanse self, begin to regain back your power, energy, think what the hell was all that about!

The thought of kissing Kagome reminded him of the sweet kiss Kagome had gave him on the cheek only moments ago.

Her lips were so soft against his cheek, he wanted more now. He couldn't help dislike the idea of Kagome living by herself, but it didn't bug him as much knowing that she was living next door to him. For the rest of class Inuyasha ingored the teacher's lesson and watched Kagome rest peacefully in front of him. Inuyasha stood up quickly and stood next to Kagome."Has she been asleep the whole period?

Inuyasha smiled back at her as he walked up next to her. Inuyasha would look down at Kagome from the corner of his eye finding her nervously playing with her skirt.

which took some years to learn not my guilt, and havent failed, not right time for them to change and i need to realise this and move on, and help those who want to be helped." kaede said with a smile while opening her book back up. " Kagome asked rubbing the sleep out of her eyes."You fell asleep, class is over." Sango said smiling down at Kagome."Oh," Kagome said look down at Inuyasha's hand that rested on Kagome's shoulder."Inuyasha! He had totally forgot about the injury."I just had a disagreement with someone," Inuyasha said causing Miroku to raise a brow."Was that why you came into class late? Inuyasha nodded his head, "Yeah."Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, "You have to go to the nurse Inuyasha,"Inuyasha looked looked down at Kagome with a weird look, "Why?Inuyasha opened his eyes as the mermory from last night ended. I didn't break it.""Still you have to clean the wounds or they wont heal properly," Kagome said standing up and looking into Inuyasha's eyes with worry."Keh," Inuyasha said, "Kagome, my body is different from your's.Incarnated angels are very sensitive to toxic energy and drains them, as they love too much. excerises are call upon AA micheal to come to me now and cut the cords of fear(or other words, rage, anger/ hate/envy ) that are draining my energy and vitality. Incarnated earth angels often have friend or lover who mask their potential with addictions.Need to practice energy shielding and clearing techin's one person life experience in the book , (many of us know this from experience) "whenever a particular co -worker would walk past me or stop to talk to me i would feel absolutely drained. soon after reading about "hooks" in their energy field, where people take your own energy from you. the incarnated earth angel take son these relationships as "assignment", trying to help the person overcome theirs self doubts and focus upon their strengths and talents.

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