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His father has kept him on a leash until recently while he’s being trained to take over the empire.

Being called about the accident, he orders his men to bring Elyle back alive.

Elyle De'lucroix is a young escort working to stay afloat in a bustling city.

Things have been rough and after waking late to an alarm, he’s only got once chance left to keep his job.

Forced to live alongside the brutish thug, the only connection Elyle can make with Cainen is in the bedroom.

His mind has been poisoned by years of abuse and Cainen’s heart frozen by his father’s cruelty.

Strap on your latex suit, put on your gas mask, and get ready for action. She caught me naked again in my room and without hesitation grabbed my dick and starts sucking it and wanted me to bang her in her ass.

A few notes: My only real complaint regarding this sequence was that, once the action got started, Tori Black performed it without wearing a trace of the Catwoman outfit, not even the ears, and the ornate star tattoo on her belly took me completely out of the 1960's Batman aesthetic. She's quite toothsome, so I'll just shut the hell up The funny thing is that after watching the porn version, I was inspired to break out some episodes of the original series, and I find it quite interesting that Catwoman and Batgirl in the straight version are a thousand times more nuclear-hot than their admittedly cute tenderloin cinema counterparts.

Then again, is it even possible to best Julie Newnar and Yvonne Craig in their prime for looks, smokin' thermonuclear bods and outright sexiness? In fact, Julie Newmar as Catwoman is the female who first made the five-year-old Bunche "stand at attention" and feel all tingly in a certain location south of my navel, a moment that confused the shit out of me, but felt quite nice at the same time.

Anyway, BATMAN XXX is definitely worth checking out for BATMAN nostalgists who appreciate a fun fuck-movie, and even the casual curiosity seeker won't regret spending time in Axel Braun's lovingly-recreated and rather lubricious Gotham City.

Fandom: Original Work Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Characters: OC/OC - Character Additional Tags: BDSM, Drug Use, Drugged Sex, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Stockholm Syndrome, Mind Manipulation, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Shower Sex, Sex Toys, Sex Addiction, Psychological Torture, Possessive Behavior, Consensual Possession, Possessive Sex, Rape/Non-con Elements, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Drama, Dysfunctional Relationships, Crimes & Criminals, Gang Violence, Gangs, Gangsters, Abusive Parents, Murder-Suicide, Daddy Kink, Fluff, Rape Recovery, Recovery, Mental Health Issues, Mental Instability, Mental Breakdown, S&M, Dark, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Roller Coaster, Emotional Sex, Gritty, Alternate Universe, Why Did I Write This?

, this is nothing but smut, Smut trash, Rating: XXX, rating: E, Rating: M, Yaoi, Original Character(s), POV Third Person, Violence, English, Abusive Relationship, anger issues, Dirty Talk, Do not read this near anyone you respect, this should be burnt, GOD HELP USSummary: What you were getting into.

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There's even Molly, the Riddler's ill-fated moll who was played by Jill St.

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