Xnxmom and animo

Her name is Lily and she has a daughter named Jovi.

She takes a supportive role throughout the game by working alongside Professor Krane.

Y's mother is Grace, a famous and very successful Rhyhorn racer.

Her relationship with her daughter is not very good, since Y wishes to become a Sky Trainer against her mother's wishes.

Unlike the mothers in the games, however, all of them lead a moderately more active lifestyle.

Delia, Ash's mother, is introduced in the very first episode and is shown to travel to most of the Pokémon League competitions that her son takes part in. Mime nicknamed Mimey, which cleans the house for her.

In the Pokémon anime, each of the main characters which have a player character counterpart have had their mother introduced except for Jimmy and Marina.The player's mother, often referred to informally as "mom", is a character in every core series Pokémon game.Although different each time, she will always be the one to see her child off on his or her journey with his or her starter Pokémon.Caroline, the mother of May and Max, is also shown to travel a bit to watch her daughter's competitions in the Grand Festivals.Unlike her game counterpart, however, she lives in Petalburg City.

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