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Medicare figures for 1997-1998 reveal almost 20,000 fee-for-service circumcisions on boys, excluding public patients and those outside the medical system.While rare in Scandinavia and Europe, circumcision also is common in North America.

In light of Marion's Case (Department of Health and Community Services v JWB and SMB (1992) 175 CLR 218), it is now evident that parents cannot provide legal consent for an irreversible, non-therapeutic circumcision.Consent serves as a defence to assaults that do not inflict actual bodily harm.Exceptions to the general prohibition on assaults causing bodily harm include medical treatment.In Australia, circumcision surgery is still imposed on approximately 10 to 15 per cent of healthy boys.The general rule in English criminal law, and reflected in other common law jurisdictions, is that any application of force, no matter how slight, is prima facie an assault.

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