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For example, I mentioned before that without Nick Jr., I find myself using Netflix a lot more for my young daughter. has a contract with Amazon Prime here in the US, leaving their Netflix offerings bare.In order to circumvent this, I simply use Hola Unblocker to make Netflix think I’m in the UK, and suddenly we can sing along to as many episodes as we want.It’s not currently available on Netflix here in the US.Not a problem — I pulled up Moreflicks, typed in “Red Dragon,” clicked the Netflix icon, saw that it was available in Brazil and Columbia, clicked Hola, switched our country to Columbia, and we were in business.But the benefits outweigh the costs Let me break down for you what we’re doing, one service at a time: This is the biggest “duh” of the bunch.With an HD antenna, we get all of our local network channels in glorious HD (slightly better than our cable box, actually; the HD antenna gives us a 1080p picture, whereas the cable box was only 1080i — a minor difference, but I can tell).In addition, with an HD antenna you get a multitude of channels that weren’t available in the pre-HD days.Most of them are garbage (Me TV, Grit, LWN, etc.), but it’s nice having options.

And, as HBO’s CEO made clear in a January 2014 interview, HBO doesn’t care if you share your password!Basically, Hola is a VPN service; it’s not a new idea, people having been using VPNs to circumvent geo-blocking for years now. Basically, you download the Hola Unblocker extension, and anytime you want to switch your IP address to that of a foreign country, you just click the Hola icon and select your country. Now you can access BBC i Player, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora no matter where you live.Personally, the only website I use Hola for is Netflix.And with a toddler, the four PBS channels are a godsend.Not to mention, Retro TV is now showing classic I will say that quality counts when it comes to your HD antenna; a lesson I learned the hard way.

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