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In order to pull this whole concept together it was essential and necessary to have the real deal portraying us as these comicbook superheroes, rather than trying to save money bringing in a local amateur making it truly pathetic and who else would pull that off better than an artist from Marvel Comics who make Batman, Spiderman, the incredible Hulk and so forth.We got hold of the artist Al Rio from Marvel Comics and he was willing to do it. who inspired us, as it has practically inspired every kid and I must say it is a childhood dream come true to finally become a superhero... The only difference is, most people grow out of that... There are certain songs that I've always loved since the first time I heard them and often by one hit wonder bands, and also there are songs with favorite bands that I've always felt the band didn't quite execute to its full potential and therefore always dreamt of getting the opportunity to have a go at.To be honest, as you know I've been with tons of different bands in different genres but with XXX I have for the first time ever experenced some resistance from my fans in the heavier departments saying stuff like "Snowy, What the f*ck is this XXX!? if people likes it, I consider it a bonus, and nothing could make me happier. (or whatever one should call it) it's hard for me to answer, but judging from all the outside perspective I'm being told constantly its blossoming and have been for many years.The Gothenburg Sound is a pretty well spread phenomenon in the death/metal circuit, but that's not all there is to it, we have a strong indie pop scene and a helluva lot more too.Some people seem to think in terms of overkill, quantity before quality and give a lot of bang for the buck and and include several crappy fillers.I'm not by any means saying those XXX outtakes weren't good songs, but we selected and put together these 10 songs that fit and would make the perfect combination in blend, moods and styles for a great homogenic record in the end.The other guys contributed with a little more 80s kind of style of glam/hair metal too.Various band names that spring to mind that's been useful inspirational tools in our attempts to make good, catchy, happy rock songs with XXX are Sweet, T-Rex, Plastic Bertrand, Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Queen, Suzi Quatro, Alice Cooper, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Ramones, Blondie, AC/DCeven a bundle of swedish rock/pop bands from late 70s early 80s like Snowstorm, Noice and the singer/artist Magnus Uggla who had made his own wonderful hybrid by borrowing heavily from the british 70s glam and punkrock scene.

The bulk of the material was based on my big passion and love for the 70s glam and punk scene, but maybe also a little bit of contemporary american skatepunk that I like too.

Well, what's the point of even trying to pretend differently here, when it's so damn obviously,... I have several of those kind of covers up my sleeve for future XXX releases, liveshows etc.

In this case, I wouldn't call myself a big fan of Cheap Trick per se, but this particular song I loved so much from the first time I heard it be played at a kids discoteque around 1978, that I would later sneak in and steal the vinyl single from the DJ booth a few weeks later, because there was no stopping me, I just had to have it. Once me and X as the producer team had made up our minds regarding the new direction and how to solve the problems that had occured it was just pure fun and a creative challenge I gladly embraced.

so obviously that too was my idea initially, but then the whole image thing at the time shows off our communal preconceptions about "glam" in general.

Silly idea perhaps, but glam has always been about playing with sexual roles, gender bender and androgyne and pink is widely considered sissy or gay and a colour for little girls, and predictably dressing up all in black, looking fierce and pissed off which is always acceptable and the norm does hardly gel with XXX's happy glam music, so I just thought pink would upset and stir up emotion with some narrowmindead people who obviously wouldn't like XXX anyways, might as well get rid of them right away. you can't please everyone all the time, I'm doing my music first and foremost to please myself...

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In a way it's like trash poetry if I may say so myself.

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