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Sincerely, Larry Mc Donald Policy Enforcement Above Net Communications, Inc.I too fell victim to the chicanery and subterfuge of When I contacted my buddy whom I got it from he stated that it happened to him as well which is why I got it. I didn't accept the invitation and it still sent out an email to everybody in my contacts list asking if they would be my friend? While this is undoubtedly one of the worse things associated with the site the Chatrooms which contain Predators and Flamers a mile away are just as bad and it's amazing the site has left that part neglected.Many unhappy customers, thinking that I had spammed them. I don't even remember why I joined (probably by recommendation from a friend), but I haven't used it at all since.Most of you know you should not do that, but slick trickery can fool some.Read on: First I want to say, I did not click on yes or no....

I filled out a complaint with the FTC and encourage others to do so https://gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup . I checked the press sites to see if there were any stories on this, and of course the media only report what a brilliant marketing plan they have.I now have one and another charge showing up on my phone bill, which I specifically tracked down to the exact moments I registered with I think its wrong that anyone can get your yahoo address and add you to your freinds without asking if you mind, ESPECIALLY from married men!And when you mention, you don't communicate with married men to them.. I would like to file a complaint with FTC AND the person who is called Playful One in Tagged!It makes my skin crawl to see what is happening to values and ethics today.Recent victom: Signed up for tagged.com, and while entering the registration info I was prompted for mothers maiden name, which like an idiot I entered.

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Immediately, 4 companies sending us emails for $14.95/mon servcies to our home phone number. We have filed complaints with the BBB On-Line - and with the FCC - I'm pretty sure this falls under telephone fraud which is a federal offense.

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