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2.31.22 Number su bstitution Repeat each utterance after your instructor. Then substitute the suggested subjects, making all necessary changes* 1. Prom these translations you can draw conclusions as to the uses of ijr.

Este senhor americano e eu - — ~ — — - no aer oporto, 3. 2.31.25 Reaponaa drill Try to anawar tha following quaationa without looking at tha anmrs wa hava givan, if you hava trouble^ looking at tha anawars to tha first faw quastions may halp you in answering the others. ERIC 37 2,32 Present tense of the irregular ver yf ,^; Singular Plural l«t. These same speakers use a sound similar to the initial and final sounds of ju dge instead of a [d] before [i ]. These are infinitives* Examples of - ar infinitives: fumar . passar When the infinitive ending » -ar, is removed, what is left is called the stem. These endings Indicate the person and number of the subject. 2.22.2 [p] and [b] repita pode Paulo pampas papagaio palpite poupar apalpar opal a pipa 2.22.3 [k] and ig] cheque c8co £asca bdbo babel cabana bomba bombardeio b Slso ab6bada bife beber barba £[ago ^^ale^o £al£ar ERIC Onit 2 SPOm PORTOSUBSR c o Q^a lro ar£ai£o £osiii6ticp a^u&tlca caa^ata cascavel 2.22.4 [f ) and [v] f Ul DO alfafa fdsforo far do feche fomento defender fazenda final fugaz 2.22.5 [2] and [I] flcha cheqando chefe chuchu xna^ixe colch^ cli inelo abacajcl murcha calxa 2.22.6 [s] and [z] *£«ite ca^ar ra£a doce a»»a ro^a •tlo £onjio O ERIC ^loso 06l£Ota ^elra Ouzm So a^ta alu yue l valor civil alva vivo avivar aelva volfivel salva Vivaldo vol Atil iunto ^aninini ar^ila j^il6 jjunta lota esbanjar con^untura a^uda aarjheta azeite caaar rasa doze a£a rosa zjilo zonzo 30 SPOKEN PORTOSUESE a. Verbs 'agree* with their subjects in person and number .

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