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It's more about do we have chemistry and am I hot for him? I am taking classes at the local university and surprisingly made friends with students of all ages. When you're over 50, you have the freedom to date for the fun of it. We've discovered that we can act like teenagers whenever we feel like it, and people think it's nifty. I am working out, shopping, traveling, and enjoying my friends more and often. You can toss the minivan and really indulge yourself.

In addition, we anticipate scientific needs of the staff members of national and international organizations as well as the media and use the BAS/MESC to provide them with relevant information.

Those 20-somethings with their perfect bodies, looking at yours with pity, will someday have their own cellulite to contend with.

You get new hair, new clothes, to match who you want to be.

She is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of life, despite failures and false starts." What do other women think is the best thing about turning 50? We don't sweat the little things any more -- and we've learned that darn near everything is a little thing! The woman over 50 makes her relationship with herself No.

We also checked out what prominent authors Shirley W. I felt like I could say what I wanted to say, do things I wanted to do, and wear things I wanted to wear. At 50, if you use condoms it's for safe sex, not for avoiding pregnancy.

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