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Most middle and high schools require students to wear uniforms.Boys generally wear pants and jackets with stand-up collars, and girls wear two-piece suit with sailor collar or blazers and skirts.From intermediate level onward, in addition to the 16 basic lessons per week, students will be able to choose from preparation class for EJU or JLPT, writing, conversation, etc.4 times per week, reaching a total of 20 weekly lessons.

There are around 30 to 40 students in a typical elementary school class.Since there are students from more than 50 countries, and classes are divided in more than 40 levels, you can study Japanese in a lively environment while learning about other countries.Perfect for those who want to master the necessary Japanese language skills to enroll in higher education: vocational school, university or graduate school.Shodo involves dipping a brush in ink and using it to write kanji (characters that are used in several East Asian countries and have their own meanings) and kana (phonetic characters derived from kanji) in an artistic style.Haiku is a form of poetry developed in Japan about 400 years ago.

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In Japanese elementary schools, classes are divided into small teams for many activities.

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