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It appears in the Pivot Table Fields list and is available to all users of the workbook.

To enter the name of a table Begin typing the name of the table.

I use the word ‘next’ loosely as I never got around to the first one.

Make: has a great layout, good organization and projects ranging from simple “science-fair” to “you-need-an-engineering-degree-and-a-good-burn-kit” complexity.

This is a must when science fair season rolls around.

When a column contains a formula, the value is computed for each row.Now, when I use hackers in this sense, I’m talking about guys who do stuff with things for which they may not have been originally intended. Not in an evil or malicious way, but just because they can. Now you can make stairs and Aztec pyramids all day long! Have you built something cool and documented it to share? Once you have a look through these sites, you’ll never see a broken vacuum cleaner or left-over rebar the same way again!This site is responsible for many a sleepless night as it sparked an idea for my next million-dollar invention.

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