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But one thing we need to stop using the phrase “I fell off the weight loss wagon”.Millions of people are just like us in their own […] One of the important things I learned after having weight loss surgery, is that there is many foods that I can no longer tolerate.Before surgery we denied how big we were, after surgery we judge ourselves critically – like the anorexic – and fail to see an honest reflection.One woman, down from size 24 to size 10 wrote, “I feel fat daily.

When we were morbidly obese our emotional coping mechanisms kicked in and many of us were able to convince ourselves we really weren’t that big.Many will find that after weight loss surgery there are certain foods that you can either no longer eat, or if eaten these things it can cause you a lot of […] So with technology being such a prevalent part of our lifestyles it is nice to know there are great apps out there just for us weight loss patients.We all have our smart phones on us and if we can use some great apps to help us along the way I think it just makes […] So today I am thrilled to share an interview I did with a local gastric bypass patient and friend Robert.The answer is YES, if you go into the dating scene with your eyes wide open.When I started dating at the first of last year it was all […] Tagged With: A Happy Healthy You, Bariatric surgery, Body, body confidence, body contouring, dating after bariatric surgery, diet survival tips, Eating, eating out, eating out on diet, excess skin, Health, life after bariatric surgery, love your body, relationships, Surgery, Weight loss So when you undergo Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass surgery your new stomach is now referred to as a pouch, because your stomach is now much much smaller than that of an average person.

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In the beginning it is very easy to read your new pouch and know when you are full, but when you […] On my blog I have talked a little bit about the effects of transfer addiction and how this is something that everyone who is thinking of having weight loss surgery or have had the surgery should be aware of.

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