Women x dating

Millennial women need to stop bitching and put on big girl panties.

Want to be treated like a bona fide woman, then except nothing less. This isn’t to say that women are princesses who every whim must be met by a subservient man. Mutual respect for each other’s needs and communication are the path to love and intimacy.

I never said we were perfect; however, we know the deal when it comes to dating; women set the expectations that men follow.

It’s not that men don’t have a say; men are not stupid or weak but less complicated.

Resist the urge to rationalize how it is better to be with him and his bro’s than being home alone as this will only create disappointment.

But if Millennial women really desire a return to more traditional dating, they must be the ones to bring it back. Maybe not in the beginning but eventually men will get weary hanging with their bromance every Saturday night. The old ties that bound generations in relative conformity have almost completely dissolved.The glutinous access to information, endless supply of choices, and unprecedented encouragement to be as individual as possible has created a generation of mass produced limited editions.Tolerating YOLO , hook-ups, being “one of the fellas” type of relationships, while longing for genuine intimacy will accomplish nothing! Relationships are not about entitlement; they are about give-and-take. If hanging out with his mates for Beer Pong night at the corner bar isn’t your thing…don’t go! If he decides to listen to his inner YOLO by declining without suggesting something else, don’t fret!But don’t leave him hanging mid-air; suggest an alternative you both may enjoy. The best thing you can do is ditch his digits and move on!

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