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Zoë Bell has worked as a stuntwoman for years, making a reputation as a fearles performer—particularly for her work in "Death Proof." Now she stars in the new thriller "Raze." We got a chance to catch up with her and talk about her work.

Bell: Personally, it was a really warm, family-type sensation mixed with the terror of "What happens if I screw this up?MZS: Did you talk about classic prison pictures when you were making "Raze"? Obviously things came up in conversation when we were writing the script, but it was probably more of a conscious decision to not reference other movies, because I think we were sort of like, you've got women in prison so you're already a genre film, it doesn't matter which way you slice it at that point, and it's a fight film.The director Josh Waller in particular was looking to avoid the formula of a genre film, I think. Listen, what I was going for with Sabrina was a silent type.But I think CG allows you to do things with humans you couldn't do without killing them: you can throw them off buildings that might be twenty stories too high to do otherwise, or be hit by a car that, if you were to do it, someone would get killed.I don't know, I'm still a little bit like, when you blend CGI well with real life, it's impressive, but if you remove real life completely, I still get pulled out of the movie a bit. Quentin [Tarantino] would love to tie in the road and the wheel moving with me being on the car and then going wide so you could see it.

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