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Harriet Tubman residents Tia Fortson, left, and Jodi Scott talk near a memorial set up for 4-year-old Ty Reke Evans who died from injuries related to a beating Monday. Basketball Wives: LA never fails to bring the drama, and between the “new personalities, major life challenges, and old resentments,” VH1 has assured fans that “sparks will fly” during the upcoming season.I was just dibbling and dabbling in different performing arts whether it was TV shows, commercials, acting classes—all of that stuff. When your line launched in 2010 it started off with leggings.Now you have everything from dresses to jackets to rompers, and you’ve been in New York Fashion Week and Facet Studio’s Fashion Show. You know at the time, when I launched my clothing line, I only started with leggings and there was a crazy fad for them. And I don’t know if it was because girls were getting their bodies done or if they were just hitting the gym or what, but girls were starting to want to, you know, not always wear dresses.Evans averaged 16.8 points, 5.2 assists and 4.9 rebounds per game through his first six seasons.

I have a daughter, with Tyreke Evans, so it can be difficult at times. But they’ll get to know me a little bit, a little bit of what I’ve been through, who I am as a person, and hopefully it’ll be motivating and inspiring for other girls to kind of follow in those steps and just follow their dreams. We’ll get it into department stores, and it will be a little different. I also started working on handbags, clutch bags that will match all the leggings or pants that I sell. And I plan on having a fashion show for her and other little kids. Britney Spears and them aren’t really making anything anymore.

But I took all of the negatives in my life, made it into a positive, went after my dreams and went in a positive route. Growing up my parents told me you have to go to school, be a doctor or a lawyer, and nothing was ever good enough for them. I used to sneak out and go take dance classes and I would get in trouble because she thought I was around boys when I wasn’t.

I was literally wanting to do the performing arts thing and I just had an eye for that a lot of the outfits and costumes, and the things that you wear on stage caught my eye. When I was on stage—when I’d perform in dance class we always had sequined outfits, tight leotards, bodysuits and just really tight fitting performance gear.

Nicki Minaj at the time was heavy in the bodysuits and everybody wanted them, so it kind of fell in my lap that way. Draya contacted me around Christmas-time, and at this time they had already started filming.

I just progressed and made different kinds of material and clothing. We were both at a yacht party and she looked at me and mouthed to me “I need that,” what I had on, so I was like “Girl! Even before I launched my line and before she got on reality TV. We work really really hard and go after what we want. She said “hey, how would you feel about just doing a guest appearance on the show?

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