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Set in suburban Louisville, Colorado, Engvall played a family counselor called Bill Pearson who cannot always understand his own family.

Nancy Travis co-starred as his wife and Tim Meadows played his best friend.

The kids try to help raise money to save Raffles in an unconventional way.

Teenage daughter Lauren (Lawrence) is a typical high-school girl who is trying to find her way through classes and dating.When Susan begins to fix things around the house, Bill gets threatened by it and tries to regain his "power" as man of the house.Meanwhile, the kids must decide who gets the money that is collected in the coin bottle.Engvall and Travis offer a look at what it takes to be a parent in today’s world.They face day-to-day parenting issues like allowance controversies, driver’s licenses, parking tickets and larger issues like raising responsible children in today's world.

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