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Michael Phelps and his fiancée, Nicole Johnson, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy, on Thursday, May 5. The Olympic gold medalist shared a precious black-and-white photo of his family on Instagram a few days later, on Saturday, May 7.“Welcome Boomer Robert Phelps into the world!!!! Johnson has been by the swimmer's side through some ups and downs in his life, and in their relationship, and now says she couldn't be prouder of her soon-to-be husband.But she's way more than just a supportive future spouse. This brought so many memories back when I saw it in my feed 👸🏻 such a flood of emotions!!"I said to a couple of my friends if I ever had the chance to get her back, that would be it," Phelps said Wednesday, a day before competing in the Arena Pro Swim Series here. There's nobody in the world I would rather be with."Phelps and Johnson reunited in the fall, after his drunken driving arrest and subsequent rehab stint changed his outlook on life -- "I've said this a hundred times, and I'll say it again now: I'm so happy with where I am now," he said Wednesday. We've been able to grow as a couple through everything we've been through, the positive changes I've made in my life."She was the one I loved the most.""I never wanted to have a, 'What if? "I was like, as long as I can tell her that, I can go through my life and be happy. "I would never want to change." Phelps proposed to Johnson in February; she said yes. Thank you for helping @m_phelps00 create my perfect engagement ring 😘💍 #family #memories A post shared by Nicole Michele Phelps (@mrs.nicolephelps) on Johnson started competing in pageants when she was 17, when she read an advertisement for Miss Teenage California; she originally competed to try to get a scholarship and won first runner-up, but found that the pageant world made her feel more confident."People think pageant girls are snotty, cutthroat, self-absorbed," Johnson told the in 2010.

“I think that’s something that’ll be really special that we’ll be able to share stories with him, you know, from the time he gets old enough to realize, and I’m excited to have a lot of photos and just to share the moments and memories with him growing up as a kid.” Thank you Auntie @arschmitty for the amazingly cuddly star blanky you gifted #boomerphelps.

Deborah assures us that she has always been Johnson’s number-one fan.

“They had to figure it out themselves, and they had to mature,” she noted.

Thank you @intagemsanddiamonds & @peterphengyoung for not only posting this but also for becoming such a major piece of my life.

I will never forget meeting you guys the night I was crowned with this gorgeous tiara 💖 And now I carry a piece of your jewels with me everyday...

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#babymp #mp #lifeabouttochange #mpswim 📷 @djnolan5 A post shared by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on "I am amazed that I'm the one attacked when I am not the one to blame for the last year. He made me emotionally crippled, broken and a mere shell of who I used to be.

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