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I'm a pretty tough scare, so I enjoy that sort of test of it. Today we were shooting a scene that kind of goes back a little bit more towards the beginning of the film where things first start going wrong.Someone gets attacked, and it's kind of a difficult scene because it involves about 15 people.She gained her first major role as Jessica Bennett in the NBC soap opera Passions, from 1999 to 2000. In 2004, Winstead played a supporting role in MTV's made-for-television film Monster Island.She left to pursue other interests, later stating, "I really had one of the smallest roles on Passions, so I didn't get too involved... She was offered a role in the film A Cinderella Story, but turned it down as she had just graduated from school and was going on a cruise with friends (where she met Riley Stearns, her future husband).(Pick up our Summer 2010/Wasted on the Youth issue for an article in which Winstead talks about director Edgar Wright in the same issue.) Mike Hilleary: Looking at your filmography, one would think you have a serious affinity for scary movies. I don't know if I have an affinity for it or if it has an affinity for me or both. What is it about them that you enjoy so much as an actress?I guess I like wondering if they're going to scare , trying to figure out if the film is going work on that level.She starred in the 2006 horror movie Final Destination 3 (which Wong directed and Morgan produced) as lead character Wendy Christensen, Winstead would collaborate again with Morgan and Wong later that year, in the slasher-film Black Christmas.The movie, a loose remake of the 1974 film of the same name, follows a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and murdered by the house's former inhabitants during a winter storm.

Winstead got a chance to lampoon horror scream queens when Tonight Show host Jay Leno, unaware of who she was, knocked on her front door and included her in a comedy segment spoofing horror films.As she entered her teens Winstead was forced to quit ballet due to her height.She later stated: "I realized pretty early on that I was already too tall by the time I was 13...He had more faith in me than I had in myself, I think, because at that point I had to fight for everything. To think that somebody would be offering me this part that so many other actresses would have wanted, it's still a crazy thought.I honestly don't know what goes on in his head or how he goes from one point to the other, because it really is just all in his head. She's had a lot of rough relationships and had a few tragedies she's had to deal with in her life, so she's really guarded and is not real easy to get to know. Some of them are funny and some of them are stupid, but he would always manage to make me laugh either way.

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