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He is so clearly a genius – it’s in the air between you, and as he played on the piano, I learnt his breath.

We clicked musically, and my friend and manager David Lane Seltzer had come to the studio to listen.

“Burt had seen me in Spring Awakening when we did the tour in LA, and he asked me to be a singer on some new songs he was working in the studio on.

I went in as a hired gun to sing this new material, and it was one of the most thrilling sessions I’ve ever been a part of.

David and I discussed ideas about who could nudge this into the theatre world, and Steven Hoggett was top of the list.” They felt that the British co-founder of Frantic Assembly, who had worked on such Broadway shows as American Idiot and Once, was someone who “could let it still be music-centric and appreciate the rhythm of it, without slapping a story onto it, but giving it an emotional arc.” Hoggett was sent the demo and came on board.

Next they went to Montana Studios, the same place they’ve just rehearsed, to put the music together with a cast of singer/musicians.

Freddie Smith will reportedly join the cast as Marco, who is described as "super-athletic and friendly." As for Ian, sources close to the show reveal that his character is being written out upon Riabko's request so the actor will have a clear schedule for the upcoming pilot season! Teddy's way too fragile at this point to have his heart broken so quickly! He forgives me for using the F-word and that’s kind of it.

It was then performed to an invited audience in the studio, without movement, but it started to make sense.” Early interest was shown both by Jim Nicola, artistic director of New York Theatre Workshop, where it would eventually receive its off-Broadway premiere, and also David Babani, who has now brought it to the Menier Chocolate Factory in London.He sees himself as a musician first and foremost, even though he’s also appeared on Broadway in Hair after he did Spring Awakening, but those experiences have stood him in good stead for developing his studio re-interpretation of Bacharach’s catalogue into a theatre show.How did the idea to look at Bacharach’s catalogue in a fresh way occur in the first place? The production features wonderful arrangements of Bacharach songs by Kyle Riabko, a very talented and magnetic young actor/musician who also stars in the show. It was rather obvious to us that the one recurring theme of Bacharach's timeless and iconic music is love. According to actor Trevor Donovan, the series will not be shying away from his developing relationship with the character Ian, played by Kyle Riabko, and the two will soon be filming the show's very first gay sex scene!It's all rather enjoyable but also very disappointing. It would work much better at a cabaret space or a concert venue. So much in denial and not knowing how to deal with these emotions. Teddy will continue to struggle before he comes to the realization of who he is and Ian will be very supportive of that.

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