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Now: Gregory essentially disappeared from the spotlight, having only appeared randomly in shows like ' The Bad Girl's Guide,' ' The Bernie Mac Show' and ' Without A Trace.' His latest endeavor, ' Deceitful,' came out back in June as a straight-to-DVD release.

Then: Remember Andy Trudeau, the inspector in love with Shannen Doherty's Prue, from back in the day?

Now: His post-' Charmed' career is just as lengthy and varied as before he boarded 'the series.

' Two and a Half Men,' ' The Hills Have Eyes,' ' Chuck,' ' Desperate Housewives' and ' Men in Black 2' are just a handful of movies and TV shows he's been featured in.

The actress left the show after season 3 amidst rumors that she was feuding with co-star Alyssa Milano.

However, her official statement was that "there was too much drama on the set and not enough passion for the work." So Prue was killed off.

Now: You might have seen King on shows like ' Sex and the City' (he was Samantha's conquest who told her she had to shave her ...

As the years went by -- especially towards its eighth and final season -- the storylines became ridiculous and the dialogue became too cheesy for many to stomach.

But ultimately, the show still lingers in the hearts and minds of its dedicated fans.

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I always look back on Home and Away (1988) with fondness, especially when I'm in the UK.

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