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’ These days, Kay gets his highs flying his helicopter. It goes away to cover two wars and to cover Labour’s excitedness about just giving sh-- away for f--- all.Passing the highly challenging pilot’s exam hoovered up all the energy and enthusiasm he used to apply to drug-taking and partying. Ten years ago I’d have had this packed out.”’ The ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental in London’s Knightsbridge is packed out. I’m happy to stay but I could up-tail and f--- off out.’ To Monaco?

But Kay applies the same energetic gusto he deployed at Nyon. Behind him his crack squad of musicians make blood-rushing flesh of the songs this untrained, instinctive writer (Kay doesn’t play any instruments) dreams up with pen, paper and Dictaphone. His voice may be more 'lived in’, but he’s still possessed of our best male soul voice alongside George Michael. Sheep – graffiti sprayed with their owner’s initials, 'JK’ – graze in the far pasture. So expansive are the grounds that an ocular aperture, originally sited on top of a bank in Threadneedle Street, has been plonked in a field to bring some visual focus to the vista.

'This tour here is to set up the brass,’ he says of the band of musicians he’s leading on a short run of European festival dates, 'keep us on our toes, and, yeah, of course, after you’ve just spent half a million f----n’ quid making an album, you know what I mean, it does require you to cook the books a bit again, so that’s kinda the reason we’re out here.’ This breathless sentence, it will transpire, is typical Kay: fast, candid, matey, punchy. He doesn’t mean 'cook the books’, as in fiddle his finances. But that Buckinghamshire manor house, London pied-à-terre, Scottish Highlands bolt-hole, classic car portfolio, Robinson R44 chopper and millinery collection require serious fiscal upkeep.

The feather headdress that the always behatted Kay is wearing tonight has its own flight-case and cost around £6,000.

It’s getting on for most people’s bedtime, but the singer, songwriter, and qualified helicopter pilot is pinballing around his hotel room.

Timekeeping in Switzerland is, of course, punctual.

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