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He said so himself in his interview with feltbeats during Megacon in Orlando. There’s a photo of her wearing the same sweater as Tom did several days before. There were never any proof that they were together. How do you know all the information about Tom and others? For me this doesn’t mean someone is still in love and wants someone back.

As more and more new people come to this blog (which I am really grateful for - thank you so much, guys), I thought it might be helpful to make a list of F. If you still have the need to ask/discuss something about her with me, the only way to do so is to contact me privately. At this early age, he has already been an amazing actor and a great singer.He was born in a place Epsom which lies in United Kingdom which makes his nationality British and ethnicity white.star hasn't been shy about showing her off, whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, or the red carpet.On Valentine's Day, Tom wrote her the cutest message saying, "May you be my valentine for a life time to come." In light of Tom's hilarious Kim Kardashian Malfoy joke, we decided it was necessary to spotlight his amazing relationship with Jade and make them our Couple of the Week!

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The first we heard of her was at the end of February 2016 when she was tagged in one of the pictures of Tom, Greg and others being on vacation in Hawaii. Though I really enjoy discussing it, this blog is about Tom and i don’t want to spam other readers (who may ship other pairings or may not be interested in fanfiction at all) with this stuff. She was showing this sign with her hand that Tom uses since his vacation in Hawaii in March this year. Then Jade posted a picture saying that their first date was in february 2007. Then you’ll understand why i believe the official version10. I’m sorry, but like i said many times before to unfollow your ex and delete the pictures of you together seems very immature to me.

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