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We always knew they were great, obviously, but the soundtrack for tonight's episode was incredible, and we'll be singing those hits for days. Kéllé felt isolated from the rest of the band right from the beginning. There is no love lost between A1's reuniting members and former member Paul. Christian (from Norway) didn't know what the term "boyband" meant. A1 were not a fan of the dancing thing (except for Paul.) Mark said he was like an "ironing board", which admittedly doesn't seem like it lends itself to dancing. They could at least all wink, and proved it over and over and over again until oh please just stop winking.7.

(London), Date of Registration 1987 Dr Deenita Goricha, M. "The girls just seemed quite standoffish," she said. Easther revealed that they were asked: 'Ooh, what's the white girl doing? He even said Paul's refusal to meet up or talk about meeting up was "odd", saying: "I don't know how he's feeling or who he is anymore. Girls came between them, obviously - especially between Christian and "favourite" Ben (who won Most Fanciable Male, because of course he did)."I was looking at Louise thinking, 'Have I done something? ' and Kéllé said that in the Southern states they would say: 'Oh, that's not right'. Okay, so it's not about the bands themselves, but we did enjoy Andi's suggestion about the origin of A1's name. "Ben always loved to be in the centre of attention - sometimes I wanted to be there too," Christian admitted openly.It was actually really moving watching them talk about the situation - which they are clearly still hugely upset about. "I guess it's something you can never fully come to terms with or accept," Christian said. I didn't understand what I'd done wrong." She even admitted she wishes she'd stood up for herself and kept Eternal together: "God knows how many more records we could have sold.

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“My best friend Harriet and my sister Sarah and I used to travel all over the country following A1.

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