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Rather, it was due to journalisterror, as minutes earlier a flash downpour had us scrambling to secure the soft-top which we had cleverly stored in the trunk, despite the threatening skies.

The dribbles of water should have been a clue that it was not on properly, but so enthralled were Tapping and yours truly with the Tesla Roadster, we ignored our otherwise good sense.

The Vancouver Women in Film Festival runs from March 4 to 6.

Amanda Tapping gets a charge out of test driving the Tesla Roadster; that's good, considering the Vancouver actor ordered the Tesla S sedan online and is 104th in line With a zero to 100 km/h time of under four seconds, I fully expected Amanda Tapping to blow the roof off the Tesla 2.5 Roadster during our Big Wheels drive during a wet afternoon last week.

Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award Deb Sears wins this award for volunteering as host of WIFTV's Networking Breakfast over numerous years.

Kodak Image Award This year's cinematography award goes to Lindsay George for her work on over 14 projects in the past five years, including A Night For Dying Tigers .

The sixth annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival is fast approaching and so are the Spotlight Awards, which kick off the festival. To add to this year's festivities, Women in Film & Television Vancouver has announced two new awards: the WIFTV Artistic Innovation Award and the Please Adjust Your Award for advocacy. on March 4 at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour Street), will be hosted by Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping.

'" Tapping told me Tuesday during a phone chat from Vancouver. Written by James Thorpe and directed by Damian Kindler, the first part has Helen Magnus (Tapping) teaming with Hollow Earth rebel leader Caleb (guest star Gil Bellows) to build a new homeland for displaced abnormals in the Fifth Ward. I mean if Syfy said no, we're not bringing you back I think there are still other possibilities for us. Chris got this amazing part and the producers called us and said, "We really want him. " And we tried to find a way to make it work, so he was back and forth between sets, but we had to pull him out of a couple of the episodes so he could do "Hell on Wheels." So it's not like we were trying to get rid of Biggie or trying to get rid of Druitt. Dunne added that the crew members who build the “practical sets” make a small parking lot into Mumbai, World War II France, or any other location the show needs, with Heyerdahl noting that green screen use allows the show to set stories in exotic locations for minimal cost.

What I didn't expect was that the soft bikini top would literally be blown off as the Vancouver-based award-winning actress pushed the electric sports car to near its formidable limits on our drive atop Burnaby Mountain.

But it was through by no fault of the designers of the revolutionary two-seater.

"I was getting to feel super guilty about the gas I am using," explains Tapping, her Audi S4 an exhilarating but not-so-efficient ride. "I love the fact that this is the first new-car company that is speaking to a niche market but going mainstream with it. Zimmerman’s current girlfriend, however, will be staying around for a while, a change from his previous bad luck with relationships.

"They're saying electric cars don't have to be boring and ugly. When a fan asked whether Zimmerman’s disastrous romantic history was revenge for that of Samantha Carter, Tapping’s character on Stargate SG-1, Tapping replied, “Yes.” Dunne then asked, “So I’m paying for someone else’s sins?

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Oh, and she loves the name Tesla -"There's a character played by Jonathon Young on Sanctuary called Tesla, though he's a vampire." But most of all, she loves driving the Tesla. We called it the 'Vomet' because it always just died. I've had a lot of offers from people to buy it when I sell it. I'm afraid it would come across as like really sickening platitudes. Heyerdahl was asked where he feels his character, John Druitt, is going now that he has evolved from an enemy of Magnus to an occasional ally.

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