White girl dating a nigerian

According to some of the girls, men from these areas prefer paying peanuts after satisfying themselves.“When dealing with people from these areas, we collect our money first. However, some of the white men are said to be so happy with the ladies that they could go as far as buying houses and cars for them and sending them on vacation abroad.I am not an animashaun (meaning free giver in Yoruba)” one of the girls, who was seen hanging out with a white man in an eatery told P. Ijeoma, a 28-year old lady, who now has two kids for a white man residing in the country, agreed that the reasons for the preference varied.This guy, instead of spending the money on a date or booking some private time, he was trying to have a serious convo in a public, crowded venue.Anyway, as you can imagine, his razz idea of toasting wasn’t working for me – especially once he showed his ass and started at screaming at my friend.While I was there, I saw this cutie-pie man: tall, dark skin, smooth lips…

Others want to have a white baby, get married and have security.“Sometimes, a white guy in Africa might be having a hard time and the next thing on his mind is to go out and bang just any girl.

She said she was introduced into the “business” by a friend and since then she has “been living in the sweetest world.“I now have a Honda car and a well furnished apartment.”Another girl, who maintained anonymity said she prefers dating white men because “they are more understanding and they give us freedom to do a lot of things compared to their Nigerian counterparts.”She said she could date other men and engage in other ventures that would fetch her money without the prying eyes of her white guys.

But that is not the case with the Nigerian men, who she described as greedy and crooked in their love life.“They prefer hiding you somewhere and doing it only in secret places with you for fear of being recognised by other people.“But the white men are always proud to move around with you openly.

Valentine's day is one of the near-compulsory gift-giving days. So one day a while ago, I was shopping in a mall, minding my business.

I present to you; the totalitarian's guide to a love day. The love day is upon us; the love that once existed in the air is now in our lungs.

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I begin to think of black people when it is happening.“Though I hate them, I need their money. NEWS also gathered from the girls that not all the white men are nice.

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  1. The anomalies were only discovered when bosses at the family-owned firm, which makes bespoke furniture, called in accountants for their annual review.