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Things move much too quickly now, which means our attention spans and time we’re willing to invest is continuously diminishing with every new dating app that is designed.There are too many steps involved with Eharmony’s process.Subscription fees are fairly minimal, not exceeding per month depending on your choice of subscription.The modest membership fee also means there will be enough new members every week to keep a user engaged for longer than a few weeks.One question I’m always asked in a profile review session is which dating sites I recommend.

I’m also not all that keen on Match.com’s profile layout.

The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know and all that.

If people are looking to pay for a dating website, I think they’re more likely to sign up for Match, which means users have a steady flow of new potential matches to choose from.

Pros: If someone is paying their high priced membership, then you know they’re pretty invested in finding something serious.

Cons: They profile layout isn’t too busy and encourages people to read left to right rather than up and down, thereby pulling their eye and their focus and making it difficult to form an impression of the person behind the profile.

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