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Add to these a variety of customs and beliefs:: seclusion and confinement from family and community, a permanent change of diet and dress, discouragement of remarriage, and the fact that often, widows in South Asia are considered bad luck and to be avoided (they are unwelcome at social events, ceremonies and rituals).

His computations permit us to derive the number of additional women who would have been alive in, say, China or India if these countries had the same ratio of women to men as in developed countries, where women and men presumably receive similar care.Das Gupta (2005) quite fairly summarizises the literature when she states that ‘the evidence indicates that parental preferences overwhelmingly shape the female deficit in South and East Asia’.In earlier work (Anderson and Ray 2010, 2012), we critically examine the age distribution of missing women.Sen’s methodology suggests that more than 200 million women are ‘demographically’ missing across the developing world.This is meant to be an estimate of the total number of women who have died prematurely due to gender discrimination.

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In developed countries, this relative excess mortality for the unmarried occurs at all ages, for both sexes, for all ethnicities, and for all causes of death (Johnson . While data for developing countries are somewhat coarser, the evidence similarly indicates relative excess mortality for the unmarried in most age groups and for both sexes.

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