What does updating drivers do

Most firmware updates are accessible through the manufacturer's CD driver page, see the CD driver page for a listing of these links.

Updating to the latest drivers for your computer controllers can help with their reliability, as well as that of the drives connected to them.

Updating your computer's drivers and other updates can resolve problems, improve the performance, and increase the stability of your computer.

BIOS updates CD or DVD drive drivers and firmware Controllers Display drivers Keyboard drivers Mouse drivers Modem drivers Motherboard drivers and updates Network card drivers Printer drivers Removable media drivers Scanner drivers Sound card drivers Video drivers Computer BIOS updates should only be run when you are having compatibility issues with your hardware or you feel that your computer hardware is not performing as it should.

A listing of computer network card drivers can be found on our network drivers page.

Some network card manufacturers may also have firmware updates.

Unless your computer keyboard contains special keys your keyboard should not require any drivers and should be setup by the operating system.

Users using a USB or Fire Wire keyboard may need drivers for their operating system to properly support the keyboard.

The mouse should automatically setup by the operating system.A listing of computer printer drivers can be found on our printer drivers page.Updating or installing the latest drivers for a removable media device such as a tape drive may help with the reliability of the removable media device.Updating the computer modem drivers can improve the reliability of the modem and may improve the speed.We recommend you visit our modem drivers page for a listing of manufacturers and their driver update pages to obtain the latest drivers.

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