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Practise your English by chatting with English learners and a few native speakers from all over the world.Our group is nice and small now, but if you want to join, you are welcome, of course.

Here's a stock chart of Twitter (set scale to "MAX" which will take you back to IPO in late 2013): https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/TWTR?

Lock-up periods can buoy companies at risk of a stock selloff in the months following their IPO.

This risk is particularly strong for companies in the technology sector.

p=TWTR After one year you'd be up quite a bit from the IPO price. After three, almost 1/2 of your investment would have gone "poof" Other than this cycle taking less time, why wouldn't Snap Chat follow the same path? Of course this is a garbage investment long term, but it will probably double before it tanks.

Buying it and watching it go up for a couple of months would probably make you money easily. It's a gimmick stock, that the kids have already abandoned.

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