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In fact, after seeing some of those real examples last night, I’m thinking that’s probably the most likely scenario.One thing’s for certain: you don’t have to have actually lived through the ‘80s to know that whenever a product or service is being sold by John Calabasas, it’s destined to be a short-lived fad at best.

The footage in "Video Dating" is from 1987, FFF says, and features men basically delivering the video equivalent of a Tinder bio.

Long before Tinder made swiping a thing for matchmaking apps, there was a little-known video site trying to play cupid to the Internet generation: You Tube.

That's not exactly what comes to mind when you think of the world's largest video site, which welcomes a billion visitors a month.

(Can we all agree that their dueling Woody Allen impressions were the best bit of the bunch?

) In addition, we got to see Murray pull out a victory – albeit a short-lived one – by giving Barry a chance to fulfill his destiny as the neighborhood oracle, resulting in the aforementioned moment between Barry and Errica.

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