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What technology was involved in setting up the site? If they’re single and looking, they can come check out the site, log in, see who it was.

So, we’re big on the Twitter API as well, of course.

I find that a lot of the books in that realm are very falsely optimistic or overly optimistic and always shiny, happy people and whatever.

So, 30 Sleeps is meant to be a much more realistic view of the world, saying like, “Look, if you want to meet women without really trying or whatever, you’re going to get blown out constantly, right?

Because Twitter makes that kind of thing fairly awkward, right? ” So, I thought, “Well, I know there’s obviously the Plentyoffish thing, so why don’t I create a Plenty of Tweeps thing? What does Plenty of Tweeps add to the social experience of Twitter?

You don’t have to risk getting rejected face to face.

Yes, you can direct message people, but only in 140-character snippets.

So, Twitter’s a very kind of poor medium for having an extended conversation with somebody and really getting to know them on a deeper level. We use a lot of Ajax in the UI to make a slightly more interactive experience.

Plenty of Tweeps allows Twitter users to search for other singles in their area, “like” and send messages to them, and create extended profiles.

According to Bollenbach, about 250 tweeters, most of them in the Vancouver area, have authorized the site to connect with their Twitter accounts.

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