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Additionally, websites optimized by an SEO must be found by the searcher, rank high, prove their worth, and gain trust – all in the same few minutes as a speed dater and typically within the limits of a one line meta or title description. We also have a better idea of what we face in providing what the search engines require.

Categories: Alcohol, Business, Innovation, Lectures & Conferences, Meetup, Tech Event website: About This Event Usability testing may sound like a buzz word to some- but the importance of it to a business is immeasurable. These small examples can have a huge impact on conversion if you aren't careful.Twitter allows us just 140 characters to explain what we are doing.And a new style of dating – speed dating – is popular offline, where you have just 3-5 minutes to sell themselves as a possible love match to a complete stranger before moving on to the next stranger for the next speed date.Does your search-engine-optimized website instill confidence among your visitors?Have you done the homework for them by posting price comparison information or publishing user feedback?

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