Tote Bag Unfolds Into A Full Size Waterproof 50″ x 60″ Fleece Blanket!Style #WP550 Our 50″ x 60″ fleece blanket features a matching colored waterproof backing.The EO bath products are excellent and it's nice that rather than those annoying tiny bottles they supply full-size to cut down on waste. We didn't hear a peep out of other rooms and they were fully booked. I love that the Inn is doing its part to be "green".We were able to nap in the afternoon uninterrupted. And in the morning, with one phone call, a healthy breakfast brought to our door!We loved the oversized jacuzzi tub but of the 3 times we used it, the last 2 times when we went to turn the hot water on to reheat the water, all we got was cold water.That ended the time in the tub because while waiting for it to warm up which it never did, it made the water much colder.

We felt so pampered =) It's truely a unique place and we loved every minute of it.

small rooms and shabby upkeep-not a bargain with so many other options in the area. On the first morning, I called asking for another 2 or 3 coffee packets and was told that I could have one more now and one after they came in and cleaned.

The Inn at Discovery Coast had come highly recommended by a local as a great place to stay. The glass on the gas fireplace was very dirty and hard to see the full affect of the flames. I have stayed at other hotels who never questioned how many of packets I was entitled to and especially with what this place charges!

We like to sleep in and it was difficult to do so due to the people above us walking around in their shoes early in the morning.

We were on the 2nd floor Also, when we checked in, at , we were told to come back at 3 as they were still cleaning our rooms, there were two parties of us, and two rooms and apparently they would not be available until the check in time.

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Especially when housekeeping brought freshly baked warm scones, fresh fruit, yogurt, and organic juice to our room each morning.

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