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Send me a tell if you're mature and interested in joining my friends, wife and I for some minecrafty fun on our server!Minecraft Updating Video Drivers Guide by Happy Hitman Hello, now many people I have seen around the forums are having issues with out of date graphics drivers and low fps. Many of you will know what to do when updating your video drivers and will find this thread useless, other people however will find this thread helpful.If you are running an Intel card there will be a download link below, if you are running ATI or Nvidia I will show you how to do it.The Intel website is different so it can be linked easier. The reason computers get the "Bad Video Card Drivers" error is they have an old version of Open GL.

For Windows XP, use a run box instead of the text box at the bottom of the start menu. The information about your operating system, processor, memory, and startup disk appears. Click on the “More info…” button near the bottom of the window. Click on “Graphics/Displays” in the column of information under “Hardware”. Linux has its own drivers that interface with the card that give it an entire software implementation of Open GL This will let you run Minecraft decently. Here are my specs: Dell Inspiron 6000, 1.7GZ single-core processor, Intel 910/915GM Express Chipset (or something like that, its a really crappy integrated card), and 2gb DDR2 ram. Windows speed: 0fps (It's more like 0.5fps but Minecraft's F3 menu doesn't do decimals) Linux speed: 16fps (Still bad, but it's quite playable. Also, this does not work with legacy ATI cards (ATI Rage Pro and earlier). Unfortunately, most old or crappy video cards do not have Open GL 2.1, the minimum version required to run Minecraft or pretty much any other 3D game decently. Even with Optifine, this is one of the worst gaming computers ever.If you don’t know how to update your graphics drivers and are getting errors then this is normally the first step to fix those errors.Now I’m not saying that this will fix all your problems or even some of your problems, it just means that your drivers are up to date and we can assist you further. If a Windows dialog box is displayed asking if you want to verify your drivers, you can safely click No and continue.

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