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Therefore the only one I ever see is the one between the Bitlocker screen and desktop when booting, which I didn't realise until you mentioned it is the Default Lock Screen, as opposed other Lock Screen, the User Lock Screen, which is completely separate. So, if I now understand correctly, this is how it should work: To change the User Lock Screen, you need to change it through the Settings App, as per the following tutorial: https:// change the Default Lock Screen, you need to change it through Group Policy/Regedit, as per the following tutorial: https:// changing the Default Lock Screen through the 'Force a specific default lock screen image' Group Policy/Regedit setting, still doesn't show the Lock Screen I set and it continues to show the beach pic. I think I'll just leave it as it is, as it was more out of curiosity than anything.Sorry to revive this thread but I have the same exact issue and want to remove the beach picture from the Welcome screen. I log in automatically (control userpasswords2) with a local account (non-Microsoft) and just want a blank colour of my choosing to appear on the Welcome screen rather than the beach picture.This is the sign-in page I get when I boot the PC (it automatically signs in, as I use Bitlocker password instead): These are the settings I have set in Settings Lockscreen. Yeah I read that, however we are now on 14393.10 since the Anniversary Update, therefore if I understand it correctly, there should be just a single background.

Much has been made about the logon background, but there are those that don’t like it, believe it or not. You can’t change the logon background to anything you want yet, but it’s a start. I figure if I want an OS company that provides everything for me and dictates exactly what I can and can't do with my computer system I should choose something other than Windows. As in "get me out of the terrible place I got better things to do with my time". I saw a video on how they created that image - actually it was pretty cool and complicated as what they did in creating that image and capture it in a digital camera - right out of a Hollywood special effects type deal.

I recently moved the location of some windows temp folders to a secondary drive, and I also installed all the windows updates available.

I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking something really simple, but how do you change the Sign-in/Login Screen picture in Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Nevertheless there are two different locks screens. Ah, I never see all the various Lock Screens/Sign-in screens (thankfully).

From boot it signs in automatically and when my computer sleeps it uses it's own (presumably Intel) power saving system, so I never see any Lock Screens/Sign-in screens when it sleeps either.

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You can find more information on this regedit tweak in https:// to Enable or Disable Sign-in Screen Background Image in Windows 10 (and also Google for "Disable Login Screen Background Image" to bring up additional info).

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