Updating mac os 10

Simply, you could download the standalone installer of the yosemite os.

It comes as an app and you can easily run it on the old mac to upgrade it. note that some Mac models do not support this upgrade such as power PCs..a full list of supported models, check here

Ideally, you want to explain why your answer is *right." It also helps to provide links, citations, and/or screen shots.

Mac OS X Lion is available now and many of us will be upgrading immediately, while others will be waiting.

I have a week off now, so ironically I have to leave this for a while just after the "thanks for sticking with us".

I'm voting what helped so far, and will probably be able to accept an answer next week.

It's not the Mac itself that is slow, it's just the update that hangs.

Hi I'm using quite an old Mac and I know I'll need to buyer a newer one soon but I'm just out of university and so don't have the funds at the moment.The only model where the processor is upgradable (to a point) is the Mac Pro, which I highly doubt you have.If you want faster speeds, your only options are to max out your RAM memory, or move up to a newer model.I thought that maybe it was just a huge download, so I left it on for the night. I've found the Console Messages, but the only thing I see there is "This isn't a bitmap context.The next day, after more than 20 hours, I still saw the spinning cursor. An internet search told me to check the "Purchases" tab on the App Store, but for that I need my boss's password. Forcing destination format to ARGB_8 for CG_Context". So - without access to the purchase record of the machine, but with admin privileges, how can I see what is going on?

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