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Even if it miraculously got added to the site by an editor (or if you violated the guidelines of Wikipedia and posted it yourself), it would very likely be flagged to come right back down as soon as a volunteer editor has a chance to properly vet it.You may see another company in your field--much less prominent than you--whose product line has an entry filled with marketing-speak, while yours doesn't have an entry at all.Even if you follow all the proper protocol, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia maintained by a community of volunteer editors, not a repository for all information.Editors expect additions to the site to be properly sourced by trusted sources, which means suggesting the copy-and-paste of your sales materials or extensive linking back to your own corporate website will probably not be changes an independent Wikipedia editor would find valuable.

Earlier this week, 11 professional communication firms came together--in an unprecedented move in their industry--to jointly issue a statement about how they engage with the Wikipedia project/editor community.But the move also was a first step toward educating our fellow professionals and our current and future clients about what ethical engagement on Wikipedia means.As Bill Beutler, who helped organize this week's statement, told 's Abigail Tracy, most infractions from professional communicators in the past have been due to ignorance rather than malice.Many entrepreneurs know that anyone can edit the site but truly aren't aware of the fact that Wikipedia editors have agreed-upon guidelines that require disclosure of paid or unpaid conflicts-of-interest--and strongly discourage those with such a conflict from making direct edits to a page (save some non-controversial changes, but there is some degree of controversy as to what constitutes a non-controversial edit).Behind every Wikipedia page is a tab that shows you its edit history, as well as a "Talk" tab that allows Wikipedia editors to pose questions and discuss issues.

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