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Everything cloned via USB cabe and all Windows files and programs followed along.I did not have to purchase any software whatsoever or have to reload any programs or files.Bootcamp clone is sitting on the desktop but can't partition the drive for windows. I ran into some trouble setting up the partitions since the boot camp assistant is asking for the windows 7 DVD and therefore not letting me go any further. I dont have the Windows 7 DVD here I only have my clone from the old disk.. You might be able to burn a CD from a trial download, too. I have a late model 2008 MBP and the optical drive bay has my old platter drive in it.

Why not store the image in the new drive as suggested in this article?In Snow Leopard, used Bootcamp Assistant to split the new hard drive from one partition into a smaller Macintosh HD and a bootcamp partition,(bigger than the old bootcamp partition). I have used the live usb and cd on a pc successfully, but have not been able to boot from it on a mac. Clonezilla is (essentially) a linux distro, and for those of you who don't know osx does not like to boot from external drives containing an operating system other than osx.Run Winclone 2.3.3 to capture and ' Image' of the old Bootcamp partition (from the USB - SATA connection) - save the image onto the new Macintosh HD partition. This method worked for me with ubuntu and linux mint, although I haven't tried it with clonezilla. If it is Windows system, there's a program which can be a great replacement for disk management for disk clone: Though cloning Mac drive by using third party software like Stellar Drive Clone useful apart from creating via built-in Mac apps like Time Machine, Disk Utility.Given Apple's growing support for Windows 10, updates regarding inefficient battery life and hardware connectivity issues don't seem too far-fetched.In order for the update to run without any hiccups, users will have to be running OS X Yosemite, and should download automatically for anyone already running Boot Camp 5.

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