Undue dating mistakes

But if we open ourselves to Jesus, God’s healing fills us with unconditional love and forgiveness. Sometimes things do seem too awful for us to forgive. Not choosing to forgive, however, is like our drinking poison that we’ve prepared for the person we hate. Although it is difficult to forgive those who hurt us or to seek forgiveness when we’ve hurt someone else, forgiveness is essential in the healing process. She continues to remember her pain but also continues to forgive the rapist. If we watch movies or listen to music with images of shallow sex, our minds will have a difficult time convincing us that chastity is possible or even worth it.

Inviting God to heal allows us to experience more than this world, time, or even the most incredible humans can provide. It requires that we take ownership for our actions or our hurt emotions. Jeff was only able to relate well with women after the Holy Spirit transformed his view of sex and women. We’ll revert back to old patterns or only go through the motions of abstaining instead of being able to embrace chastity fully.

Emotional and spiritual healing are difficult to obtain with the help and wisdom of other people alone. She then said, “I forgive you.” Wendy experienced tremendous freedom after that experience.But restoration takes time and help from the Creator of sexuality, God.We can move on from an unhealthy sexual past without healing; however, we will not experience the potential fullness of our sexuality as long as it remains contaminated with impurity of the past.If we shoot ourselves in the foot and experience pain, it’s a good idea to stop shooting ourselves.That’s not the only thing we need to worry about, however; we’re still walking around with an injured foot.

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