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A study by the Department of Psychology, University College London, London, showed that “tattooed women were rated as less physically attractive, more sexually promiscuous and heavier drinkers than un-tattooed women.” Dudes know that when they see a tramp stamp, it’s on.The more angels, butterflies, hearts, dolphins, fairies unicorns or flowers the tramp stamp contains, the higher the odds she’s a slut.The bag should contain sweaty, unsexy sports bras and track pants.If it contains lacy lingerie and chocolate body paint, then your girl is doing a different type of exercise. She Works 'Nights' If your girl works at night and is vague about what she does or won't let you visit or call her – then she’s probably up to something.Going to the gym is the perfect alibi for skanky behavior.

You and your man could talk all day and all night long. You put on your sexiest lingerie, but just he isn't interested. Perhaps he's trying to send you little subconscious hints that he doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore. World War III Does it feel like you're fighting a war in your personal life?

If initiate this conversation with your girlfriend, be prepared to be shocked.

Trampy girls go out of their way not to answer this question.

They will use every trick in the book to get out of this awkward situation.

They will change the subject, bribe you with sexual favors or ask you to answer first so she can answer with a number that's less that yours. According to a nationwide study by the CDC, the median number of male sexual partners for American women is 4.

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