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If you can’t stop throwing yourself at guys when you start drinking, you might want to start limiting your alcohol (which you should be doing anyway to stay safe).

Michelle*, a student at the University of Michigan, says, “I had a huge crush on a boy in my class who told me he didn’t have time for a girlfriend.

I still continued to invite him out with me all the time and asked him for help in class.

You automatically think that means he wants to date you so you text him over and over again trying to hang out.

What are some easy ways to stop being so desperate? “A great exercise to do to raise your self-esteem is to write down five wonderful qualities you possess and five things you excel at,” Martenson says.

Post this list where you can see it every day and instead of turning to a guy when you’re in need of a mood-booster, value your own excellence.

If going home from the bar with random guys is your problem, make a pact with your friends that no girl goes home without another. “Realize that you are a special, unique individual with your own talents and strengths and are not required to prove yourself to anyone,” Martenson says.

The extra reinforcement and buddy system will help you succeed. Once you get this idea in your head, you can pay more attention to improving your single self and let go of the constant need to have the boyfriend of the year.

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