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Dupont—a committed Christian who has said she only wants to play wholesome roles, a la Reese Witherspoon—recently chatted with us about the movie, about her co-stars, and about how her pastor was the one who told her she'd landed the role of Esther.

Gelula will play Aubrey, a student at Laura’s new school.

Then the pastor starts talking about this movie, and that they're praying for it, they're excited about it, and all that.

follows the story of a dysfunctional family with a bachelor brother (Tommy Dewey) and his newly divorced sister (Michaela Watkins).

Power, position and prominence are one thing, but when Esther must choose between all she's ever dreamed of and the fate of her people, will she be able to find the courage to step forward and embrace her destiny?

" of Release -- 2005 / USA opening: Fall 2005 (March 2006 release date) Tiffany Dupont [Hadassah/Esther] Tiffany Louise Dupont had been dancing since she was three years old, and training inclassical violin for 13 years when the course of her life took a sudden turn.

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