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published a story that had single women quaking in their power suits.

Drawing on the work of three Ivy League researchers, the story suggested that women over forty had a greater chance of being killed by a terrorist than of finding a husband.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors say Naseer was an operative in the UK branch of the same terror cell that plotted to bomb the New York City subway in 2009.

They say Naseer’s online communications about marriage were actually thinly coded terror plottings with fellow al Qaeda conspirators.

Prior to the events in San Bernardino, there have been 74 Islamist-inspired terror attacks and plots in the U.

The Dangers We advise all victims to block, delete and move on. People have said, "They are there, we are here, they can't find me and I like messing with their heads". Not only can they hack into your computer, they can steal your personal information (identity theft) along with having many viruses installed onto your computer.

In one example, Naseer wrote in emails of a “party” to be held in Manchester in April 2009 — on what UK officials charged was the date for a thwarted bomb plot in that UK city.

Acused terrorist Abid Naseer says he was really trolling “Qiron.net” looking for a wife.

This person's family was being watched and common sense will tell you that can not happen unless someone are physically there watching them. This is a war and they are not doing well, so they are escalating their efforts in a different manner.

For the most part if you lost a few thousand dollars to them and then you cut off all connections you are pretty safe.

But those who for revenge or just for sport continue to talk to them, the danger level will escalate.

Whether you want to realize it or not you are playing with people who have Quotes by Victims "I have been corresponding with a scammer for over a month now. So please, please do not bait or seek revenge." "Well, I went back with my scammer, and finally got scammed.

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The New York Post reported: It’s JDate for the Muslim singles set.

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